Sparrow and Finch Gardening gardening blogs to help you get throughout the winter

gardening blogs to help you get throughout the winter


I’m not embarrassed of admitting that I spend hours scrolling through gardening-related Instagram accounts.

I am constantly impressed and informed by the generosity of gardeners from all parts of the globe. I completely urge gardeners from all age groups, to take advantage of the positive connections floating through your fingers through this sharing app.

While saying that it is true that social media can be unpredictable and at times frustrating and I enjoy wandering away from the fast-moving, bouncing feeds to look at longer-running material created by passionate amateurs and experts from the gardening industry around the world.

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 As an active blogger for 14 years myself I have a sweet place for independent publishing and voices on the internet. I love that blogging formats allow unlimited word counts and a large number of pictures, as well as interesting web links that help and assist the reader. Similar to social media, blog platforms offer people with something to say an unrestricted possibility to talk about their experiences and interests in full.

If it’s the local gardener who shares their harvest or an expert designer analyzing the plant plan for a new project The possibilities of finding engaging reading that is in line with your preferences is endless.

Yes grammar and writing can be wildly different in terms of quality however it’s the ability to hear the voice of the writer that’s always intrigued me, untainted by the shackles of the commercial media.

JULIA ATKINSON-DUNN Julia Atkinson Dunn has also benefited by signing up for magazines and gardening newsletters, which contain a wealth of great local advice.

The giants of social media keep altering their methods of presenting posts, making users struggle to stay connected to their users The idea of an email newsletter has experienced an upsurge.

Newsletters are an excellent method of communication, with simple online sign-ups, and then the information that is delivered directly to your inboxes, without worrying about being lost. I’ve also benefited when I sign up to magazines and gardening newsletters, which are usually packed with fantastic local information.

In this light I thought I’d make a list of some of my most favorite gardening-related blogs and newsletters I like to read, particularly when I am missing the radiance of my garden in summer.

Weekly gardening advice straight to your inbox

Tikorangi – The Jury Garden

Through the years of gardening-focused Google searches in search of answers for my own space, repeatedly and again, I landed on fantastic blog posts written by Abbie Jury, who is the owner of Tikorangi garden close to Waitara. Her enthusiasm for experimentation is rewarded to all readers with her sharing of discoveries when it comes to planting on the island of New Zealand and the backlog of seasonal content will provide many hours of reading! Check out the sign-up box for the newsletter, too.

Sage Journal

This is a gorgeous online magazine that was created by Hawke’s Bay writer and gardener Emma Sage. With a lot of thought to the photography, as well as local information and gardening tips It’s both an enjoyable experience to look around the site and to sign to receive the seasonal newsletters. 

JULIA ATKINSON-DUNN Robin Kilty’s blog/newsletter combines helpful information about her vibrant small urban garden, as well as romantic seasonal thoughts.

Robyn Kilty

Kilty blends useful details about her thriving tiny urban garden with romantic seasonal observations. She writes in a way of writing that all gardeners will enjoy and will be reminded of every stage of decline and growth that passes by outside the window. The blog is accessible to readers or subscribe to receive each new post via an email. 

Sarah The Gardener

Sarah O’Neill shares regular posts about the progress of her 10 acre rural property located on the west coast in the North Island. Her posts are incredibly candid and full of photos detailing each project she takes on along with the harvesting and planting of her extensive vegetable garden. There are many years of content to read and sign up to get them delivered via email. 

Dig Delve (UK)

Dan Pearson is one of the most famous garden and landscape designers around the globe at the moment. He has also managed to carve out the time to design Dig Delve, a seasonally released online magazine with a an excellent production value that features the development of his garden, as well as informative content on projects, books cooking, food gardening and more. There’s a lot to learn about here with beautiful photography. 

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