Sparrow and Finch Gardening How to maintain a water feature for birds

How to maintain a water feature for birds

Do you enjoy birds? When you first see birds, you may not even think about them.

It’s funny; I only paid a little attention to them once we moved into our house in the Ozarks. For over 45 years, I lived in Missouri and never noticed a beautiful red Cardinal or the amazing blue-beige Eastern Bluebird, our state bird. Yes, I may have yelled at them for pooping my windshield or complained about the vast crows outside my window making noise while trying to sleep. They were never a problem until we moved here.

Attracting Birds

The Tufted Titmouse was the first bird I noticed. It was the first time I saw a bird landing on our deck, perhaps to eat leftovers from a barbecue or some other remnants. It looked so cute. It looked like a stuffed toy and kept looking into the windows. These curious little birds kept looking at us through the large windows and doors all over our house. My cats and I enjoyed watching them so much that we spread sunflower seeds. We have a lot of bird feeders, birdhouses, and suet cages in the yard. There are also hummingbird and bird baths for them to drink and bathe. They didn’t need a feature since we were close to a lake. But after a while, I began to think we could add something to attract birds that don’t like to go to the lake. Here are some ideas that I have in mind.

Simple Water Feature

The easiest way to create a water feature in your garden is by using a large pan or bowl full of water. A metal pan or a large Tupperware dish can make a great bird bath. These would be simple to maintain and clean, as you only need to put them in the dishwasher every week to keep them clean. There are more attractive options than this one. If you prefer a natural look, you can place the pie plate on the ground with rocks or bricks to create the illusion of a small pond. It is still easy to maintain and clean. Other creative options are a cake pan, an old garbage can lid, or a hubcap. You can use anything that holds water. Make sure that it’s not made from any toxic materials first.

Birdbaths that you can buy in the store

You can buy a Birdbath in a shop. Many styles and sizes are available, from large concrete baths down to small metal or glass bowl baths. While shopping, consider whether you want something easy to clean and maintain. You can’t bring those huge stone birdbaths inside. So you will have to clean them right where they are. They are usually easy to clean using a scrub brush and water, but you may need cleaners and scrub. Be sure to use a bird-safe cleaner.

What about a Pond?

Sure, birds love ponds, right? Yes, but it can be costly to have someone else construct one. You can build it yourself with little money and time. It is optional to build a large pond, as the larger ones are more difficult to maintain. If you live in a region that freezes over during the winter months, consider a heating element to prevent it from freezing. Birds can’t drink ice. However, they might enjoy ice skating. No, it’s not true. You can keep the water drinkable by purchasing a small heating element at tractor supply stores or department stores. Keeping a pond clean may be more complex than a birdbath because ponds attract more animals and birds. They are also always full of fresh water. To keep your pond clean, use chemicals that do not harm birds and kill algae. Aquatic Plants can be used to keep ponds more spotless. If you want to provide a water feature for your birds, you should ensure that it is located where they are safe from predators like stray dogs or cats. If needed, provide them with a protective cover to hide if startled. They can also use it to watch the bath and decide whether to jump in.

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