Sparrow and Finch Gardening How to water your plants while on vacation

How to water your plants while on vacation




Plant sitters can help you avoid sad and wilting plants.

How to water your plants while away from home

There are many clever smart watering plant sitters that you can use in your garden, whether you want to make sure your tree, hanging basket, potted plants, or houseplants stay happy.


You’ll need the most water when it’s sunny. Solar powered automatic watering systems are brilliant for this reason! The sun powers solar drip watering kits, which water more frequently when the weather is sunny and less often otherwise.

The solar battery controls the frequency and flow of water. This baby can be connected to a rain barrel, so you don’t have to touch a thing.

This system works well for me. Even when I’m home, I don’t have to worry.

I also run soaker hoses through my garden and manually turn on the drip system.

Wifi Water Timers

The wifi water timer lets you attach two hoses with different schedules. The app allows you to set the timer and then access it anywhere with the internet.

The settings can be changed manually according to the weather forecast. This timer can be set up with sprinklers or soaker hoses to water your garden.

You will use this system during vacations and throughout the entire season. This system is also perfect for watering during non-peak hours or when watering restrictions are in place.

Vegetable Container Garden VEGEPOD (r)

Vegepod Container Garden is the perfect solution for those who want to have a self-watering vegetable garden. The self-watering reservoir holds 32L (8.5 gallons) in this 10-square-foot container garden. The park also includes a mesh tent to keep flying insects away from your vegetables (see you, carrot rust fly!) It also comes with a misting system that cools down the vegetables.

You can enjoy a cocktail while the garden is cared for by itself.

The raised bed is perfect for patio gardens.


One of my favorite self-watering pots that are budget-friendly. This method is excellent for starting cuttings but can be used for any small plant.

You’ll need to cut the plastic bottle in half. Leave the cap on the bottle and use a nail and a hammer to poke a small hole.

Cut a thick piece of cotton string, and thread it into the hole. To hold the cap in place, tie a knot inside the hat.

Fill the bottom of the container half with water, and fill the top half-half with potting soil. Place the top of the container at the bottom, and let the string rest in the water.

The string will let the water soak into the soil, keeping it moist.

Upgrade to a large soda bottle for a giant plant.


You can use a Sprinkler with a water timer for a wide area. This will allow you to choose from a variety of watering options. This sprinkler allows you to adjust the flow of water.

Be mindful of watering restrictions if you’re using a sprinkler while away.


This Bubble Spot Saaker can be added to the soil surrounding tender or transplanted plants for a gentle water flow in areas where the plants may need extra help to make it through the weekend. You guessed it… pair it with a timer!

For larger shrubs or plants planted this year, soaker hoses work best.


Watering a newly planted tree can be difficult, especially if it is a street tree. Young trees require lots of water to stay healthy and develop strong roots. The tree-watering bag works well.

Fill the bag with water and let it drip into the soil surrounding the tree. The 20-gallon tub will water a tree well, slowly releasing the water into the ground.


Years ago, I purchased a set of plastic watering spikes. I attached them to empty soda bottle caps every year and used them to watch over my hanging baskets while on vacation. This is a significant upgrade!

The Plantnanny spikes are made of terracotta, which eliminates the need to add sand to the plastic spikes to slow the release of water. You can also attach them to an empty wine bottle which I will gladly do for the sake of the plants.

Indoor houseplants can also be planted with terracotta spikes.

Plant Watering Gloves

plant-watering globe should be used for every hanging basket. You know that hanging baskets dry out quickly. Leaving for the weekend is a sure way to ruin them.

Plant Watering Globes are also great for smaller containers and houseplants.

The flower well is a way to store water in a basket or pot to extend the period between watering. It’s useful even if you aren’t going on vacation.


The olla system is made of unglazed, porous terracotta pots. They are buried and filled with water.

In its most basic form, a pot made of terracotta without a drainage hole is placed in the soil and covered with a plant saucer. The more advanced version involves creating a “flute” with a smaller area above the soil level.

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