Plug plants

The plug plants are a simple method to decorate your garden with color and provide excellent value for your money. They arrive in the mail when you need them. All you have to do is put them out and then put them in the ground. Here’s an inventory of our most sought-after plug plants to create rapid, durable, and robust displays.

Begonia plug plants

Begonia plant plugs are a simple, cost-effective method of filling up your baskets and containers with large flowers. The smaller plug plants should be planted in pots and then grown on larger plugs, while jumbo or garden-ready plants can be put straight into the final container after the frost risk is over.

Begonia plants make a great alternative to borders, beds, hanging baskets flo, were Pouches(r), and almost every other container you could imagine for your patio! They provide a lasting display of vibrant and stunning flowers; begonia plants will keep running until the first frost.

Petunia plug plants

Petunia plant plugs are easy to cultivate and create an attractive display in containers, beds, hanging baskets, and flower Pouches(r). The trailing Petunia plants like Surfinia Surfinia variety are among our most sought-after and sought-after. However, there are many exciting and attractive varieties to choose from. These semi-hardy annuals look stunning when they spill out of hanging baskets and pots or are planted in masses in flower beds. They will keep blooming until the first frost arrives.

Fuchsia plug plants

Fuchsia Plug plants are beautiful additions to summer hangers and pots; most are cold-resistant, too. Fuchsia plants that trail can be planted straight into containers and hanging baskets to create instant impact, whereas the climbing and upright ones can be set up to make the most impact. Available in various colors, fuchsias can be an excellent way to lighten the corners of your garden that have shade.

Dianthus plug plants

The Dianthus plant is called carnations, roses, and sweet Williams ( Dianthus barbatus). They can take up to a full year to produce flowers from seed! To get immediate and speedy results, begin by planting dianthus plug plants. Once they are potted, the plugs will bloom and come back each year.

These tough perennials are essential for a cottage garden and ideal for fronts of sunny borders, which add color and scent. Dianthus blooms are great for cutting and can last several weeks in the vase.

Plants that use plugs of Geranium

Astringent plants of geranium (pelargoniums) take a long time to sprout from seeds and require a long care period. Geranium cuttings must be overwintered, which involves a lot of space and time. Plug plants made of geraniums are a better alternative. Their vigorous growth can quickly fill the beds, hanging baskets, and containers for the patio with a clean, vivid hue.

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