Sparrow and Finch Gardening Potted Trees You Can Grow Indoors to Enhance Your Space

Potted Trees You Can Grow Indoors to Enhance Your Space

These plants will create an enormous impact on the interior of your home.

Are the empty corners of your living space begging to be a fashionable friend? Indoor trees can bring more natural air into your home and have a positive effect upon the overall home’s interior. But before you go out to grab the first plant you come across it’s crucial to comprehend the different preferences for sun, humidity levels and the growth rate of various species of trees. Get expert advice on seven of the most desirable indoor trees and the best ways to ensure that they’re thriving in your home.

Lady Palm

If you’ve got a corner window that is semi-bright within your home, a lady palm can flourish beautifully in that area. It is slow growing, however it can be adapted well to indoor cultivation and can filter and purify air properties. “The lady palm prefers bright, indirect light, as too much unfiltered sun can cause leaf burn,” states Stephen McFarlane, regional landscape manager at Sandals Resorts International. “Because lady palms are slow-growing, it is important to check moisture levels prior to watering; water only when the top two inches of the soil are dry.”

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Bring a fresh look to your living room or bedroom quickly with the this elegant fiddle leaf tree. The attractive leaves that resemble violins stretch up to 15 inches as well as 10 inches in width. “To give your personal Fiddle Leaf Fig the TLC it needs and deserves, make sure to place your plant in front of an unobstructed window that will receive direct sunshine,” suggests McFarlane. Make sure that the soil remains wet, but do not overwater. The best general rule is to water not more than once every 7-10 days.

Money Tree

If you’re looking for the perfect plant to decorate any space in your home for positive Feng Shui take a look at the Money Tree believed to bring luck and prosperity. “It’s known for its ease of growth, fun braided trunk, and being pet friendly, making it a great addition to anyone who has pets,” says Paris Lalicata, plant expert at The Sill. “The Money tree will thrive best in indirect light that is medium-bright with a minimum of a couple of hours of direct sunlight. Therefore, placing it near the East, West or South window is the best option to ensure it is happy. It is possible to water it every two weeks, but leaving for the soil to dry between irrigations.

Dracaena Marginata

The Madagascar native is among the most sought-after trees to be that is grown indoors, renowned by its natural beauty and its ability to tolerate lower light levels. “The Dracaena marginata has thin, sword-like leaves that can come in a variety of colors, and although this plant tolerates low light, brighter light will help keep the foliage more vibrant in color,” Lalicata says. “It will thrive in bright indirect light to some morning sun, but can tolerate low-medium indirect light levels making it suitable for almost every plant parent.”

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