Sparrow and Finch Gardening The six futuristic cities can help you imagine a new world on Earth

The six futuristic cities can help you imagine a new world on Earth

Lecturer in Environmental Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol 

Utopia Utopia, written by English statesman as well as lawyer and clergyman Thomas More (1487-1535), is 500 years old in April.

A fictional representation of social thought The book outlines the ideal society that exists on some imaginary island located in a remote location far from the sea.

It was coined in the year 2000 by More than a few people from The Greek or-topos, which means no place or anywhere; the term utopia is now used within the English language to refer to a place in which everything is perfect or perfect.

To celebrate Utopia’s 500th birthday, the Ecotopia 2121 program, I am the coordinator, utilizes Thomas More’s ideas to forecast the future of 100 cities across the globe – in the event that they manage to be super-green.

Of course, the new utopias must be environmentally friendly to combat the environmental catastrophe. As cities are likely to be the home of 80 percent of the world’s population at around the turn of the century, They can solely be sustainable when sustainability is among their main characteristics.

Cities of Ecotopia 2121 are depicted in the form in the form of “scenario art,” which is a look at local and global environmental issues in addition to their distinct history and culture. This allows for a range of future scenarios instead of a single concept of the “future city.”

Below is a collection of paintings; however, this isn’t an art-related project. The art we create is an instrument of understanding and communicating.

With this in mind, Here are six cities with eco-friendly designs created that resulted from the research that I made, one for each inhabited continent.

Accra 2121

Accra, which is Ghana, the capital city of Ghana, is subject to devastating floods each year. This is made worse by climate change, the unregulated construction industry, and the dumping of waste within and around the waterways.

In the future, we envision the locals looking to acquire homes above the flood line through the construction of low-cost cabins in the forest nearby.

Accra 2121. Alan Marshall, the Author, provided

Ghana is among the most deforestation-prone areas globally; however, by 2021, the forest had become the home of a portion of its residents.

Accra’s new residents will safeguard this forest from the people who could destroy it, like logging, mining, oil, and mining companies.

London 2121

In the summer of 2021, amid a downturn in the economy, 100,000 pensioners marched through the streets in London London, the British capital, in protest of cuts in education and pensions, closing the city completely.

They also bring their grandchildren along to provide them with something exciting to do while they are thinking of their own. At the end of summer, protesters become frustrated with the lack of response from the government and take the situation to their own by establishing a permanent protest.


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