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Welcome to Earthed

Our vision was to create the biggest and easiest-to-access learning platform as well as community where everyone, from anywhere, has access to the knowledge, networks, and resources they require to restore the natural world and learn to improve their lives.

In the past two years, we’ve worked with experts who restore ecosystems as well as farmers who are community-based, regenerative urban gardeners, and nature guardians all over the world, from Haiti from India and all over the world. We’ve gathered the expertise that you’ll be interested in learning about such as building an earthship, to restoring the flow of a river. We’ve also created short, simple-to-follow films that will help you get your hands into the dirt and keep your heart being energized. We’re thrilled to share our vision with you!

There’s never been a greater urgent need to rehabilitate devastated ecosystems than at the moment. In the last 60 years, 60% of Earth’s ecosystem has been destroyed while 69% of the wildlife is gone. It is reported by the United Nations reports that one billion hectares of land needs to be restored within the next 8 years, and it is the sole way to do this is to empower the people of every country to act. Earthed can assist us in that process.

Earthed grew out of EcoResolution, which was a climate-related campaign that focused on changing behavior by public commitments. It was a pioneering instance of what would become a massive trend in climate-related accounts on social networks. While this kind of action is essential to bring awareness to the issues and possible solutions, over time we also began to observe some flaws. On one hand, we observed a rise in climate fear, disempowerment, or apathy when we realized the magnitude of the issue but felt that we were unable to do anything on the opposite side of the screen. However, there was a growing the polarisation of our thinking and the binary, because we were quick to pick sides to protect our beliefs that were in danger of disappearing. Although we were becoming more knowledgeable about the issue, we weren’t seeing much change at the level of local authorities.

During COVID, many people took the opportunity to work in their gardens and found the joy of gardening and were elated to see nature come back to life and reaped the numerous personal benefits it brought to their wellbeing, health and well-being. Despite the explosion of online learning during the time of COVID, we did not discover anything that offered practical solutions to the biodiversity and climate problem, and we could see the immense potential to channel our energies towards increasing the awareness of and expanding access to nature-based abilities. We believe that having access to nature should be an inherent right and that people across the cultural and social spectrum are in love with the living planet and mourn its loss and mourn the loss of our connection to nature. We aimed to change the story of humanity from a disease to humankind as a source of restoration as well as to highlight local solutions to local concerns, old knowledge and wisdom rooted in place and empower people from around the globe to learn from one another by sharing stories and experiences and encourage each other to be successful.

We saw the enormous potential of bringing people together in a shared passion for the restoration of our ecosystems. We aimed to design a strategy which could accomplish this in the most fair sustainable, regenerative, and transformative way feasible. We decided to establish an organization that is a member-based one to help us build an online community and network around learning experiences. We believe that human connections and sharing as the most effective methods to guarantee long-term engagement as well as transform online education into offline actions. We also decided to establish the Action Fund, through which all surplus funds will be redirected to projects that restore ecosystems on the ground.

So Earthed was created. Over the past two years, we’ve filmed over 40 courses, created a stunning brand and learning platform, and gathered a team of inspirational teachers, ambassadors, and members from the beginning who share our vision. The first year of the Action Fund will be dedicated to getting acquainted with our members, fostering the online community, as well as our relationships with our teachers, partners and projects, as well as developing powerful educational materials and films. In the course of the year, we’d like to have helped more than eight thousand members to gain the techniques needed to take care of the plant and use to use the Action Fund to finance projects around the globe. Our small, enthusiastic and dedicated group of five is eager to meet you.

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