Sparrow and Finch Gardening When to Pick Apples and How to Store Them

When to Pick Apples and How to Store Them

Find out when apples are best picked the proper way to do it, and the best way to store the apples.

Find out when apples are best picked, the proper way to do it, and the best way to store the apples.

Apples are ready to be picked when the color of the skin becomes darker and the fruit is removed quickly from the trees. Windfalls are an excellent indicator that the fruit are ripe to pick. It is not always the case that all apples are in the same condition, and you should make sure to pick frequently as each cluster becomes ready. The apples on the sides and at the top of the tree typically ripen first, as they are exposed to more sun. If you are unsure, take a bite!

How to Pick Apples

To choose an apple, put it with your hands then lift it up and slowly twist it. It will fall off along with its stalk. Make sure you handle apples gently to avoid injury and do not pull an apple away from the tree as it could harm the spurs of fruiting or cause nearby apples to fall. Make use of a stepladder for reaching apples higher on the trees, however be careful to be careful not to overdo it in the event you fall and lose your balance.

The Best Way to Store Apples

The early season varieties should be consumed soon after harvesting because they cannot store for long. Midseason varieties can last for a few weeks and those that are late-season varieties will last for at least six months. Apples that are intended for storage should be in pristine state. Examine the stored apples on a regular basis and eliminate any that are becoming soft or brown, or are decaying.

Keep apple in cool, but free of frost, dark, well-ventilated location like a shed or garage. Place the apples on trays with slats to ensure that they get enough air circulation. Make sure they’re not touching the tray, or wrap them in newspaper. Different kinds of storage can last for different amounts of timeKeep them in a separate place and utilize those with shorter storage lives earlier.

Preserving Apples

If you have too many apples to keep There are many methods to store themstew them, freeze the apples, then dehydrate them, use them to make jams or jellies syrups or sauces or press them to create juice wine, juice or cider!

Learn more about the process of harvesting preserve, storing, and harvesting apple in this instructional video.

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