Sparrow and Finch Gardening How To Harvest And Store Homegrown Produce 

How To Harvest And Store Homegrown Produce 

Harvesting Guide for Beginners: How to Harvest and store your homegrown produce General Vegetable Garden Care By Laura Miller Printer Friendly Version Image courtesy of Ferguson If new to gardening, you may feel overwhelmed. From choosing the right time to plant to understanding how to harvest, there’s plenty to be learned! However, harvesting vegetables doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn these steps for harvesting your vegetables, then go over the guide to harvesting four easy-to-grow garden vegetables. Gathering for Beginners If you’re an aspiring gardener is a good idea to know how to harvest vegetables so that you keep from damaging the plant and the produce. Before going out into the garden, you should review the following basic guidelines for harvesting: sponsored by Mansion Global, Floyd Mayweather’s new residence located in Miami Beach is breathtaking! Read more 0 seconds of Volume 0%. This ad will close in 10 minutes. Pick gently.

When harvesting, grab the vegetable gently and firmly. The ripe fruit can easily be bruised and cause early spoilage. Cut the stems cleanly – Certain vegetables have a natural breaking point, and some may crack or tear when fruits are removed. Make use of scissors or a knife to cut cleanly. Damage to the plant may hinder future yields. Be careful – Slipping on the vines while walking about the garden is too easy.

This is not just damaging the plant; it also creates an entry point for illness. Utilize a basket to help prevent produce damage during transport and harvest. Baskets that are low and long are ideal for harvesting vegetables. The taller baskets accumulate weight that could damage the vegetables on the lower end. Regularly check for warm weather and enough rainfall to help the vegetables grow and mature quickly. Check the garden regularly to ensure that vegetables stay fresh.

The most basic Garden Harvesting Information is usually on the seeds’ backs and plant tags. A description of the dimensions and colors of mature vegetables and “days to maturity “days to maturity” provides information on harvesting to help gardeners determine when and how they will harvest their vegetables. To help you get started with gardening basics, here are some essential harvesting tips for the most commonly grown green beans. However, take them out when they are ripe before the seeds start to enlarge. Beans can be kept at room temperature for up to one week.


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