Sparrow and Finch Gardening Summer bedding plants

Summer bedding plants

Use our top ten list to find the ideal bed plants to plant in your garden. Certain plants, like petunias and Geraniums (Pelargoniums), are perennials that can withstand frost and are considered annuals. Others are hardy annuals that can be sown directly on the outside.

Most perennial bedding plants in the summer are started from seed, though there’s typically lots of work involved. If you do not have the time or space to grow seedlings, why consider the bedding plants we recommend to start your garden off on an excellent start? Here are ten of our most loved bedding plants for summer to inspire you:

A very adaptable bedding plant for summer, begonias are beloved for their big, stunning blooms and their capacity to thrive in shade and sunlight. They bloom continuously throughout the summer, even after their first frost; these plants are standing or trailing and ideal for borders, beds, hanging baskets, and window boxes. Certain varieties, such as Begonia “Non-stop Mocca’, have striking dark foliage that adds interest. Tuberous begonias can be trimmed and stored during winter. They grow bigger and better yearly, whereas begoniasemperflorens cultivars like Begonia “Lotto Mixed” are considered perennial bedding plants.

Sweet pedestrian sweet peas to grow up fences and obelisks. They include climbing, trailing, and upright varieties that can be used as borders, beds or patio containers, hanging baskets, and Obelisks. They are primarily available in vivid shades of white, pink, and red; bedding plants made of geranium are also available in soft shades of lilac, apricot, and deep burgundy.


Popular for their beautiful flower spikes as well as their long flowering times, Antirrhinums are often referred to as snapdragons. They are awe-inspiring with their mouth-shaped flowers that can open when squeezed, which makes them a favorite among children. They are available in a variety of vibrant and bold colors; they range in height from tiny plants that are no more than 25cm (10″) to large plants such as Antirrhinum ‘Royal Bride’ which reaches 90cm (35″). Giant snapdragons make excellent cut flowers and can heighten borders and beds. The dwarf snapdragons can be used as borders, mattresses, and containers for patios. If you’re searching for bedding plants that attract pollinators, the Antirrhinums are an excellent nectar source and are particularly loved by Bumble bees.


The delicate flowers of the lobelia make beautiful, lush waterfalls of color on hanging pots or pots. The upright varieties are great to use as borders and edgings. Easy to cultivate and prolifically flowering, they are a perfect addition to any summer-friendly bedding style and are stunning when mixed alongside bedding flowers in hanging containers. Lobelia are generally available in excellent blue, white, and purple, perfect for cool-coloured landscaping schemes.


This bedding plant for summer has some of the most captivating flowers! Petunias can be renowned because of their trumpet-shaped flowers, which come in bright colors and patterns, such as picotees and stripes. They are vigorous and half-hardy, which can be upright or trailing and are stunning over hanging baskets, windows, containers, and window boxes or arranged in borders and beds. Certain varieties, like Petunia “Purple Tower,” can even climb a frame! Petunias are especially useful in the case of purple bedding plants, with shades of mauve and lilac-blue or deep and rich purple.


Rudbeckias that bloom in the spring, commonly called coneflowers, are strong and vibrant garden plants. Particularly suitable for the last few weeks of summer, Rudbeckias bloom from July to October. They add an emotional aspect to the annual display by displaying a red color, yellow, and orange palette. Smaller varieties like Rudbeckia hirta “Rustic Dwarfs Mixed’ are ideal for beds and patio containers. Tall types like Rudbeckia “Cherry brandy'” are great to plant in large, sweeping drifts within borders and beds or sprinkled between shrubs and perennials. They not only look stunning in the landscape, but rudbeckias also make excellent, long-lasting cut flowers that can be used in vase arrangements indoors.

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