Sparrow and Finch Gardening What is container gardening?

What is container gardening?

What is container gardening, and how does it work?

Container gardening is the practice of growing plants in pots or other containers rather than in the ground. Container gardening is a great option for those living in urban areas, where a garden isn’t possible. The garden is mobile and space-efficient, so you can arrange it to suit your needs. Container gardening is a great way to save money , and it is also eco-friendly. It’s also good for urban birds to do container gardening!

Michael Griner, a volunteer and resident artist Ivan Dellinger discuss the viability for urban birds of the Sunshine Arts Garden space. (Photo c) Sunshine Arts

Planting berries and other plants for birds in urban areas can help increase their population.What types of plants can I grow?

In urban areas, many types of plants are grown. Some produce different berries and flower. You can find below a list with popular berry plants that will attract and feed birds. Click on the links to get instructions on how you can plant them.


Flowering plants are another type of plant that grows well in containers. Some flowering plants are attractive to birds and provide them with shelter. These plants are beautiful and will enhance any area that you choose to make into an urban garden. Flowers also provide nectar and seeds for birds.


Here are some plants which grow well in pots and produce seeds to attract birds. Click on each image to find out more!



Some plants produce nectar that attracts different species of birds, such as hummingbirds. Click on an image to learn more about that plant.


What type of containers can I buy?

You can use any container that holds soil. You don’t need to purchase containers made specifically for potted plants. Here is a list of creative, budget-friendly ideas for container gardening. They will make your garden standout. Reusing containers you can find in your home or community will reduce waste and help the environment.

Landscape for birds

If you want to attract birds, it is important that you plant berries and plants with seeds and nectar. You can also find other tips below on how to get these animals into your garden.

Planting berry/seed/nectar trees will provide much needed food for many bird species in your neighborhood. However, birds require more than just food to survive.

It is essential to have a source of water for drinking and bathing. Bird baths are a great way to provide water to birds. Bird baths can be purchased in many stores. This page has some amazing DIY bird baths which you can build at low cost using materials from your home. It can be fun to build your own birdbath as a family. You can customize it to match the decor of your backyard! Here are some more ideas on how to create and maintain a birth bath .


Birds need shelter too. You can provide a shelter for birds by building a brush heap, leaving a pile dead wood, or simply leaving patches of weeds. The birds will be delighted with the shelter, and if you use all of the other tips, you will see a variety of birds visiting you!

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