Sparrow and Finch Gardening when selecting plants indoors and outdoors

when selecting plants indoors and outdoors


Have you ever had a guest who was enamored with your collection of plants and wanted your help in creating his own garden? You are unsure if your advice is helpful or not, as not every plant will suit every home. There are many factors to consider when choosing plants for gardens.

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Flowering plants are a great way to interact with nature. They add color and charm. Plant care can be made more fun and healthier by following some simple principles.

How To Select Indoor Plants

Check Humidity Dry indoor air can be harmful to plants, particularly those that require high humidity, like birds of paradise. African violets, orchids, and other tropical beauties thrive only when humidity levels are met.

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It is important to add extra humidity in homes and offices that have very dry heating. Before you bring your plant home, make sure you know the humidity needs of that particular plant. Some plants do better in bathrooms or when misted every day.

Water –More plants are killed by overwatering. Some people bring home a plant and ignore the tag that says it only requires watering once a week. Root rot is caused by too much water and can be fatal for most houseplants.

Some plants, such as the rex begonia, don’t require watering until they are nearly completely dry. Stick your finger to your knuckle into the soil, and if it’s moist, do not water. If it’s dry, you should water until water drains from the bottom of the pot.


After watering, drain any excess water immediately. Use distilled water only, as tap water can contain harsh chemicals that harm plants.

Fertilizer Most indoor plants benefit from fertilizer during the growing period. The best option is to use liquid or powder fertilizers that are made for houseplants.

Selecting Outdoor Plants

Select Plants

Understanding which plants will thrive in your specific growing area is the first step to getting the most from your outdoor plants. You can ask or Google for more information if you’re not sure which plants are best. Making the wrong choice of plants can take the fun out of gardening.

Plant requirements:

Pay attention to the planting requirements. Some plants prefer acidic soil, while others like a neutral base. Some plants prefer full sun, while others will suffer if they don’t get any shade.

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The soil sample you take will tell you what nutrients and additives to add to the soil in order to keep it healthy. It is impossible to add organic compost without improving the soil structure.

Maintenance and Care –Some individuals bring home plants and plant them but do not maintain them. While plants require different amounts of care, they all require weekly watering, fertilizer, and pruning to maintain health & appearance.

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The knockout is an example of a rose that doesn’t require extensive pruning to maintain its health, but it does for its appearance. It is important to prune the plant correctly in order to avoid damaging it.

Next time someone asks you about plants, let them know to consider these factors.

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