Sparrow and Finch Gardening Aromatic annuals that are a delight to smell from seeds

Aromatic annuals that are a delight to smell from seeds

Aromatic annuals are simple to cultivate from seeds and will not cost much. A seed packet will provide you with various fragrant plants, which is ideal for those on a tight budget. Furthermore, you’ll get the pleasure of cultivating your plants by hand!

Contrary to fragrant perennials, whose blooming times can be pretty short, grant annuals bloom in abundance, usually throughout the summer. A few thoughtfully placed plants can transform a stroll through the gardens into an uplifting experience for your senses. Plant them near large windows, seating areas, and paths where they will most appreciate.

Sowing time between October and April

Sweet Peas are some of the most simple and well-known scent-filled annuals to discover! Lovely Pea ‘High-Scent’ is widely considered the most fragrant, featuring delicate white blooms accented with a violet-blue hue. Plant them in the fences and walls or on an Obelisk. Sweet Peas are excellent cut flowers. Pick often to ensure that they keep bringing flowers throughout the summer. Explore our entire selection of Sweet Pea seeds to find the variety you love best. Do you need some advice on growing? Check out our “How to cultivate sweet peas’ article.

Sowing time From February to May

Phlox drummondii “Dwarf Beauty’ produces clusters of fragrant, sweetly-scented flowers with a beautiful color mix. It is ideal for filling flower beds or directly sowing at border plants’ edges to make stunning blooms. These small and bushy plants can quickly fill up a container for patio use and are beautiful cut flowers, too.

Sowing time from February to March

A classic cottage garden favorite is a must-have plant to create a fragrant garden. The large flower heads emit a strong scent that fills the air in a fantastic summer evening. Heliotrope “Dwarf Marine’ is a lovely, bushy variety well-suited for patio containers. Its aroma is reminiscent of ground almonds, which gives it its common name, Cherry Pie. The beautiful blossoms attract butterflies, too.

Sowing time between March and April

Do something a bit different with your floral borders! Madia elegans “Tropical Fruits ” is a cheery border annual with sunny yellow daisy-like blossoms and a fruity scent. The blooms are open in the morning and into the evening, but they usually close in intense sun at the end during the daylight. It is a great option to plant close to seating areas that can catch the last light of sunlight.

Sowing time between March and May

Because of its spread-ability, Alyssum has earned its reputation as a bedtime favorite, often paired with deep blue Lobelia. It is a favorite option for rockeries and dropping down low walls to make the appearance of a white carpet. This is a sweetly fragranced annual with a sweet scent. Alyssum’s “Carpet of Snow” is surprisingly wind-resistant, perfect for exposed areas or coastal zones.

Sowing time between February and March or June to July

Stocks are famous for their unique, smoky, clove-like scent that hangs sensually on the breeze. Stock “Cinderella Series Mixed is small and compact, producing many upright spikes filled with beautiful double blooms. The soft shades of purple and pink make this a lovely mix ideal for filling beds and the borders’ fronts. It is an excellent choice for the final spring flowers in the garden. Blooms can start appearing from the beginning of May.

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