Sparrow and Finch Gardening Evergreen shrubs

Evergreen shrubs

The addition of evergreen plants makes sure that your garden is full of interest throughout the season. Imagine vibrant foliage, stunning flowers, and even scent in the winter months when nothing else grows. When summer arrives, the se plants keep on providing delight while providing the ideal backdrop for perennials in summer.

Choosing just ten beautiful evergreen plants is a challenge, and picking just 10 was a real challenge. The box is a great choice and is slowly growing, meaning it will not escape your grasp like a hedge of evergreens.

Our suggestion for you is the Buxus Sempervirens Common Box. To get an immediate impact, Try one of our unique trough-grown hedges. Each trough has one meter of hedging pre-planted to give you a mature-looking hedge from the time you place it.

Fatsia japonica

An architectural plant that is highly durable and can withstand shaded and coastal environments in gardens, Fatsias make a fantastic alternative. The tolerant shrub has large, glossy, hand-shaped leaves that grow on sturdy upright stems. Fatsia Plants can also be found with silvery or variegated leaves, creating a stunning element in the borders of large containers for patios.

Also known as the Castor Oil Plant, Fatsia japonica is a fast-growing and sturdy plant, making it ideal for filling in the gaps between your plants. It is low-maintenance and lasts for a long time. This plant has attractive white globular blooms during the summer and then transforms into black seed pods in the autumn.

Lavender Angustifolia ‘Arctic Snow

The list of top evergreen shrubs is complete with stunning flowers of lavender. With its silver-green foliage smells and gorgeous flowers that mix lilac, purple, and rose, the beloved hardy plant is beautiful and versatile. It is also highly aromatic and an attractive magnet for bees and other pollinators. Every garden needs plants from edging to hedging and borders to containers for patios.

Because of their Mediterranean origins, the lavender plants are drought-tolerant and are well suited for lighter, sandy soils. If you’re looking for something unique, We’ve selected Lavender angustifolia “Arctic Winter’ for our top 10. A more rounded version of English lavender. Its vibrant white flowers and stunningly contrasted silver-green foliage make a stunning impression.

Aucuba japonica ‘Crotonifolia’

If you’re searching for an enduring plant, Aucuba is an ideal option. It is a popular evergreen plant known for its ability to endure the full shade of dry soil, pollution, and coastal saltiness. Choose from simple-leaved varieties or varieties with speckles of yellow, such as Aucuba japonica “Crotonifolia,” which is the reason for the popular name of this plant, “Spotted Laurel.”.

Aucuba japonica “Crotonifolia” is a variety of Aucuba with vast, leathery, glossy leaves. When you are near a male plant, the female plant produces bright red berries in the autumn. It is a great option to achieve an exotic, subtropical appearance and cultivate Aucuba as a specimen plant as hedges or hedges. It can also be found in a problematic area with a lot of shade, the garden, which adds color and interest.

Camellia ‘1001 Summer Nights’ Jasmine

A traditional spring-flowering plant from the forests in Asia, camellias are renowned for their shiny, deep green foliage and many big, gorgeous blooms early in the season. The flowers are either double or single and are available in a variety of colors that range from red to pink to white or yellow. Although naturally large plants can be found, smaller types are also readily available.

We suggest Camellia “1001 Summer Nights Jasmine. This camellia is the first to display its breathtaking blooms in the summertime. It was bred in China by renowned experts and scientists, expecting rosette-like, ruffled blooms from mid-June until October. An attractive and compact plant, it is an excellent choice for containers on patios.

Euonymus fortunei ‘Blonde Beauty’

Are you looking for a versatile evergreen? Plant that’s exceptionally well suited for clay soils with heavy clay? Consider cultivars from Euonymus Fortunei. These plants can be used for multiple purposes. They survive low sandy soil, coastal environments, and shade. They can also be planted as an evergreen groundcover or cultivated to climb, even growing on north-facing walls. They can also be used as hedges or free-standing plants in borders for gardens and containers.

With a wide range of foliage shades to choose from, we are in love with Euonymus fortunei “Blonde Beauty’ which, with its soft-yellow leaves trimmed with green, is excellent for adding winter color to your backyard. A compact, dense shrub that is great for borders or patio containers and low hedges and ground covers.

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