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Best British Gardening Blogs

Get gardening advice inspiration, seasonal knowledge and inspiration thanks to these bloggers who write about gardening.

A French revolutionary Bertrand Barere de Vieuzac once described us as the people of shops. But, over 200 years later it’s suitable to be referred to as the nation of gardeners and this is especially true after two years of the pandemic. We who were fortunate enough to own our own plots of land, whether postal size or a bit larger engaged in them with renewed enthusiasm gardening, weeding, and tending the garden like our lives were on the line.

The most important lesson that gardeners grasp quickly is that there’s always more to learn regardless of how many seasons you’ve planted or harvested. It is good to know that there is many experienced garden and horticulture bloggers across the UK who share perspectives from their personal garden and cutting gardens, as along with tips and ideas. These are just a few of our top urban and country gardeners.

The Middle-Sized Garden

Did you ever long for a plot larger than the size of a postal stamp but then put your the garden gloves on top of it only to panic? If you’re one of them and you’re interested in you’ll love the Middle Sized Garden contains everything you’ll need to begin. Alexandra Campbell, the gardener behind the blog, explains the middle-sized garden as one that’s big to be weeded in… but it’s definitely too small when you’re looking to construct a greenhouse an eating area, shed or just another attractive plant. Being an editor, she knew very little about gardening when she purchased her walled 100ft x 80ft garden. However, she was able to get expert advice, that she is now sharing with fellow neophytes. Are you looking for small plants to plant in your borders, or even find lovely low maintenance plants? This is the best place to go. Learn more on it in this article .

The Enduring Gardener

Another fantastic gardening blog written by an ex-journalist (hardly unexpected, they know how to write excellent, informative text). This time it’s because of the penmanship skills of Stephanie Donaldson, the former Gardening Editor for Country Living magazine. She’s also aware the content she writes. Since she started blogging, she’s joined forces with a greenhouse expert named Daniel who has a degree as chef at Ballymaloe Cookery School (expect, there will be some wonderful food-related content to be thrown into the mix to make it more interesting). Read about the history of the English country garden, the design-led gardening, and useful tips on choosing a greenhouse. Learn more details here .

The Blackberry Garden

The moment Alison Levey bought her East Midlands home in 2007 the mortar and bricks were she explains, an afterthought. What attracted to her was a third-acre grass, which had a lot of potential for a novice but obnoxious gardener. 14 years later she has meticulously erected seven raised beds that are filled with vegetables, and admirably outlined (and imaginatively named) distinct areas for planting on her garden. Her blog reviews books and other products for horticulture in addition to sharing the progress of her garden as well as visits which have encouraged her. Find out more information details here .

Wild Flower Hour

A lot more of a community than individual gardener’s patch of veg We are awestruck by Wild Flower Hour for many reasons, not just the neat, sleek and attractive design of the website that makes great use of botanical illustrations. Simply put, at 8pm on Sundays they share photos of wildflowers uploaded by users from all over the world of wildflowers that have been discovered by uploading a photo to the site. Facebook page and then wait for the discussion on its classification. This may not be considered gardening however for those looking to get a taste of the wild, or increase their knowledge about indigenous plants, this is an excellent option. We also enjoy the podcast The book asks questions like “why do we not love dandelions as much?’ and discusses issues like roadside wild flowers. Find out more information on it in this article .

Stopwatch Gardener

Sheila M. Averbuch is an editor and children’s book author living in Edinburgh. She also has an insatiable love for gardening. We love the adorable notebook style on her website, and it’s much easier to navigate than a lot of other blogs. She writes about everything from gardening design to wildlife, and from seeds to roses and roses – which she is knowledgeable about after a thorough tour of every garden across the UK. Perhaps, too – as you would expect, she writes beautifully. Learn more details here .

Alternative Eden

Mark is a full-time medical specialist in Apheresis and peripheral blood stem collection. Gaz is the director of national accountants and an advisory firm. But somehow they find the time to design an ‘alternative Eden in their own way because of their dedication to create the most exotic and exotic gardens at home in the UK. The duo began blogging in the year the year 2010, and since then it has transformed into a travel and gardening blog. And they’ve completed the construction of their Koi Pond. Their amazing garden is a an example of how you can bring a bit of nature to the less than reliable environments. For more information about the types of plants that have performed for them like gunnera and agave – as well as stories of their gardening trips and journeys, scroll through their blogroll. Learn more on it in this article .

Anna Greenland

We are awestruck by the Anna Greenland, a professional vegetable gardener’s blog, which is can be used here to obtain information . Since the lockdown started the situation has been somewhat quieter in the area, but she does a great task the Instagram page that is full of amazing ideas as well as practical gardening tips and suggestions. She’s a pro at identifying onions too. For 3 years she was the sole responsible for Raymond Blanc’s vast vegetables in Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons and is still his horticultural advisor and also been the gardener in charge in the Soho Farmhouse. She now supplies organic products to a plethora of other chefs such as Tom Aikens and Jamie Oliver. The first of her books, Grow Easy The book will be out in September. However, for the time being you can follow her for all you must know about growing vegetables. She is also an excellent source of information about obscure plants that are actually edible. And her recipes are fantastic as well.

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