Sparrow and Finch Gardening Let’s Plant Wildflowers in the National Mall

Let’s Plant Wildflowers in the National Mall

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This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the world our nation’s history of wildflowers. It is also a great opportunity to demonstrate to young travelers how the plants create a healthy environment for us.

The future of our country can be modeled by observing that of the National Mall. If millions of gardeners in suburban areas and a plethora of farmers join in restoring fields and lawns to meadows of wildflowers as well as multi-crop fields free of chemical residues We might be well on our way to regenerating the earth, and also save from a future!

Alexander Nazaryan’s piece about wildflower lawns is a wonderful one to take into consideration. A few photoshopped images from the National Mall full of wildflowers could have made it even more perfect.

I am thrilled with my lush wildflower garden located in Longmont, Colo., located on a tiny residential lot. In 2022, my water bill decreased by 25,000 gallons when I cut down on watering my lawn even though I kept an extensive vegetable and flower garden. Mother Nature also helped kill the lawn by preventing significant snow or rain for the first six weeks of 2022.

Yes, maintenance is costly, however, this National Mall is not an ecological catastrophe. It’s a place for events.

Clockwise from top left, attorneys, John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, Jeffrey Clark and Sidney Powell.Credit…Photographs by Jae C. Hong/Associated Press, Eduardo Munoz/Reuters, Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images and Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

To the Editor:

Concern ” Why Are So Many of Trump’s Alleged Co-Conspirators Lawyers?,” by Deborah Pearlstein (Opinion guest essay.

While reading Ms. Pearlstein’s brilliant essay I was brought back to the quote from Anne Applebaum within her work “Twilight of Democracy”: “Authoritarians require those who are willing to promote riots or initiate the coup. They also need people who can make use of advanced legal terminology, who are able to argue that violating the constitution or changing laws is not the proper option.”

The stronger ethics rules and laws that are strengthened by the recent bars’ expulsions and prosecutions we are witnessing, can assist but ultimately, the issue is deeper.

That which is it that Ms. Pearlstein refers to as the main cause — the increased political polarization in the legal profession could be defined as an absence of adherence to democratic principles, and in some instances simply a lack of character.

Deborah Pearlstein’s guest piece on the politicalization of the legal profession is on point and shows the bigger issue facing the legal profession of today and the loss of ethics.

An old joke states the concept of “legal ethics” is an absurdity; however, it’s not an actual joke anymore. I think this is why that fewer lawyers have joined the American Bar Association; the ethics code of the A.B.A., and associated state bar associations, isn’t compatible with their practices of law.

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